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Download Beta Now to Get Started! A note on the beta version of blockrecord



・Updated the BlockRecord beta version(Ver.1.0.8)

- Add biometric authentication on agreement posting(iOS only)

- Fix problems with long names that overlap other displays.

- Fix problems with Dropbox integration on agreement posting(iOS only)


・Updated the BlockRecord beta version(Ver.1.0.7)

Bug fix

- Fix Twitter Unshareable Issues(iOS only)


- Displaying authentication mark on the Friend list and Friend search screen

- Improved UI for Friend Approval Screen

- Correcting some error messages


・Updated the BlockRecord beta version(iOS · Android Ver. 1.0.6).
- Bug fix : Location data can not be posted.


・Updated the BlockRecord beta version(iOS Ver. 1.0.5).
-Biometric authentication was added when posting facts.


・Updated the BlockRecord beta version (iOS · Android) and corrected the following points (Ver. 1.0.4).

-Fixed an issue where the certificate URL was incorrect.

-Fixed the problem where the verified icon was displayed for unauthenticated accounts.

-Fixed the problem where the account name displayed in the Confirm field was incorrect.

-Fixed the problem that the link of tx hash was incorrect.

-Implemented TLS at the certificate site.


・Released the BlockRecord beta.

Information about currently occurring bugs

・ It has been confirmed that an error occurs when the user submits an emoticon.

・A bug has been reported where share to Twitter doesn't respond (In the iOS environment).

・It has been reported that SMS authentication did not arrive (Some users in iOS 12). If you wait for a few hours, the SMS will arrive.

What is BlockRecord?

Check out what you can do with BlockRecord!


BlockRecord records non-tamperable timestamps by recording the hash value of the data on the blockchain, and proves when the file existed since then.


The BlockRecord's certificate will show the post content, user name and time stamp. It proves that the data recorded on the blockchain has not been falsified.

Flexible Use

BlockRecord supports a wide variety of data such as text, photos, voice ,video and GPS. This application is also compatible with PDF, and contract processing using BlockRecord is also possible.

Free to Use

For the time being, BlockRecord usage is free, but for commercial use usage fee is required. Please contact us if you wish to use for commercial purposes.

Verified account

The verified account function allows user identification. You can take necessary documents on the app and share it with our verified account.

Data Protection

BlockRecord records only the hash value of data on the blockchain. Therefore, the data itself is not recorded on the blockchain.


BlockRecord can be used to record various facts.

Records of incidents and accidents

You can leave solid evidence, such as the records needed to claim insurance.

Proof picture of traffic accident

Voice recording of sexual harassment and power harassment

Pictures of natural disasters

Records of Important memories

From once-off events to recording everyday events. You can keep important records for a long time.

Memorial photo of friends

Child's growth record

Record of exercise

Records of Legal documents

BlockRecord is a fact recording app developed by lawyers.


Testament data

Notice and confirmation


Download Beta Now to Get Started!

A note on the beta version of blockrecord

BlockRecord For Android & iOS.

How to use BlockRecord

Using BlockRecord is easy.

How to Post

It is the most basic function of BlockRecord. The hash value of the posted data is recorded in the blockchain.


Press the + button at the bottom center of the screen, select a post type, and enter text.


Set the post range (Only me, Share to friends , Public).


Tap "Post" in the upper right of the screen to complete the posting.

How to share

Data posted by users can be shared with friends on BlockRecord. You can also share it as a post to a social network such as Twitter or Facebook.

Set the post publication range

Tap the "Share" button for the post on the timeline.

Share in BlockRecord

Select a friend to share and tap "Done" to complete sharing.

Share to Twitter

In case of Twitter, tap “Tweet” to complete sharing.


The BlockRecord certificate proves when and by whom the data content posted was recorded.


Tap a post on the timeline.


Tap the QR code.


The certificate screen is displayed.

KYC(Know Your Customer)

Users who verify their identity with identification card will be a verified account. By obtaining a verifiedn account, you can more reliably prove who has recorded the data.The personal authentication function is provided only in Japan.


Prepare a photo ID (driver's license etc.) with a photo and take a picture.


Post the image to BlockRecord and share to Centaurus Works.


This mark will be displayed next to the username when authentication is complete.


Subtitles can be displayed by changing the settings of YouYube(English or Japanese).

"Power to the people, by creating co-certification platform"

The essence of blockchain technology is to replace trust by centralized public authority with trust by mutual confirmation of individuals by using autonomous decentralized network.Focusing on this essence of blockchain technology BlockRecord is an application that enables individuals to do the role of "prove facts", which has been the main role of public authority until now.BlockRecord aims to realize the future of the world that anyone can play freely, the role "prove facts", which was previously played mainly by public notarization offices and the like.

Centaurus Works Inc.

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