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――What is BlockRecord?

Kawasaki:BlockRecord is an application that allows anyone to easily prove facts using a smartphone.

―What is the app you can do specifically?

Kawasaki:For example, it is quite difficult to prove that it is a picture I took on the Internet. In recent years, developments such as AI have made it possible to rewrite digital data and change who the picture was taken by. BlockRecord is a mechanism that can use blockchain technology to prove who is the copyright holder or that the data has not been tampered with.

Fact, Record, and Proof.

―What kind of things can be proved by BlockRecord?

Kawasaki:As I mentioned earlier, BlockRecord can be used to prove copyright. Also, for example, when a person encounters an incident or an accident, the state can be recorded. By using BlockRecord, you can record who, when, where, and where you witnessed such incidents or accidents, or if they were involved, as tamper proof evidence. Also, BlockRecord can issue a certificate if necessary.

―What is the mechanism of proof?

Generally, when a person wants to prove something, there is a system called a notary office operated by the state, and there is a mechanism to obtain a certificate publicly. But this is rarely used in practice. We are trying to do this by using a blockchain proof system and a tamperproof system to make it easy for anyone to use it on a smartphone.


A Smartphone App for Proof of Fact, Developed by a Lawyer.

―What does BlockRecord development have to do with Mr. Kawasaki's main business, lawyers?

Kawasaki:I have been working as a lawyer for about 10 years and working on litigation. The final decision on the outcome of a lawsuit is "evidence." If there is no evidence, the court will not accept any claim that it believes to be right. Therefore, evidence in a lawsuit has a decisive meaning. However, it is very difficult to make the proof, that is, to prove what actually happened to the court properly. I wanted to create an application that helped to make evidence, which led to the development of BlockRecord.

―Does that mean that the blockchain met that purpose?

Kawasaki:A blockchain, which is a distributed database, is a mechanism that can ensure that what is written in it is not falsified. I think this is a technology that is very consistent with the purpose of preserving evidence.

―Is there a lie that can not be prevented even with distributed ledger technology like blockchains?

Kawasaki:Yes. Blockchains do not prevent people from writing intentional lies. To the end, blockchains can prove that who has written what has been written, or that it has not been tampered with since it was written.

From Notary to Proof by Individuals.

―What is the vision of BlockRecord?

Kawasaki:Until now, proof was based on the background of state power, and was centered on notaries and notary offices. However, I thought that it would be possible for the progress of technology to establish a mechanism in which citizens rather than single powers like the state cooperate to prove what is the correct fact. I hope this app will be one of its triggers.


Toward a Smart Contract Society

―What will happen in future developments such as BlockRecord feature updates?

Kawasaki:I think one point is "Private Key". On the blockchain, the identity that the person is that person is expressed in the form of Private Key. BlockRecord has also introduced Private Key, and by using this app, a unique Private Key will be generated in your smartphone. This makes it possible to hold the cryptocurrency in the form of a "wallet", send it to someone, receive it, and so on. Combining this with the tamper resistance feature of the blockchain makes it possible to realize a smart contract. A smart contract is a program that concludes a contract on a blockchain and automatically executes the transfer of goods and the transfer of rights based on the contract. A society that has realized a smart contract will soon come.This app is the first step towards such a smart contract society.

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Kenichiro Kawasaki

Kenichiro Kawasaki is the CEO Centaurus Works inc. , and the managing partner at Waseda Legal Commons, LPC(“WLC”). Prior to establishing WLC, he worked for Accenture as a business consultant. In Centaurus Works Inc., he is responsible for overall management.