A note on the beta version of blockrecord

The following is a note on using BlockRecord Beta.

・BlockRecord Beta (hereinafter BlockRecord) is a test version.

・In the Ethereum block chain to which BlockRecord connects, there is a main net commonly called Ethereum and testnets, and BlockRecord is connected to a testnet named Ropsten.

・Testnets are the same as main nets in terms of specifications and properties as blockchains, but because they are test environments, their data durability is not guaranteed.

・Unlike the main net, the gas cost (Ether) used to write the test net is available free of charge.

・You can check Ether's address and balance used to write to the blockchain from "Balance" of "Blockchain Settings" on the profile setting screen of BlockRecord.

・[Important] Since the test net is different from the main net, it can not be received even if the main net Ether is sent to the test net address.

・If you accidentally sent the mainnet Ether to an address on the testnet, please report it from the inquiry form.

・If you transfer the mainnet Ether to an address on the testnet, it does not mean that the Ether is lost (it is in the same address on the mainnet). However, the current BlockRecord does not have a function to retrieve Ether sent to an address on the main net.

・BlockRecord is intended to be connected to the main net in the future after performing functional verification and market verification in the test version, but the time has not been decided yet.

・After the BlockRecord is connected to the mainnet in the future, you will be able to use the BlockRecord as a wallet on the mainnet Ether, and you will be able to send and receive Ether freely.

・However, after connecting to the main net, writing to the block chain requires consuming the main net's Ether (a so-called ETH traded at a cryptocurrency exchange).